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TAB)return; var n=e(: tabbable, s), i=n. filter(: first), o=n. filter(: last); if(t. target===o[0]&&! t. shiftKey)return i. focus(1),! 1; if(t. target===i[0]&&t. shiftKey)return o. focus(1),! 1}})}, _init: function(){this. options. autoOpen&&this. open()}, _destroy: function(){var e, t=this. oldPosition; this. overlay&&this. overlay. destroy(), this. uiDialog. hide(), this. element. removeClass(ui-dialog-content ui-widget-content). hide(). appendTo(body), this. uiDialog. remove(), this. originalTitle&&this. element. attr(title, this. originalTitle), e=t. parent. children(). eq(t. index), e. length&&e[0]! ==this. element[0]? e. before(this. element): t. parent. append(this. element)}, widget: function(){return this. uiDialog}, close: function(t){var n=this, r, i; if(! this. _isOpen)return; if(! 1===this. _trigger(beforeClose, t))return; return this. _isOpen=! 1, this. overlay&&this. overlay. destroy(), this. options. hide? this. _hide(this. uiDialog, this. options. hide, function(){n. _trigger(close, t)}): (this. uiDialog. hide(), this. _trigger(close, t)), e. ui. dialog. overlay. resize(), this. options. modal&&(r=0, e(. ui-dialog). each(function(){this! ==n. uiDialog[0]&&(i=e(this). css(z-index), isNaN(i)||(r=Math. max(r, i)))}), e. ui. dialog. maxZ=r), this}, isOpen: function(){return this. _isOpen}, moveToTop: function(t, n){var r=this. options, i; return r. modal&&! t||! r. stack&&! r. modal? this. _trigger(focus, n): (r. zIndex>e. ui. dialog. maxZ&&(e. ui. dialog. maxZ=r. zIndex), this. overlay&&(e. ui. dialog. maxZ+=1, e. ui. dialog. overlay. maxZ=e. ui. dialog. maxZ, this. overlay. $el. css(z-index, e. ui. dialog. overlay. maxZ)), i={scrollTop: this. element. scrollTop(), scrollLeft: this. element. scrollLeft()}, e. ui. dialog. maxZ+=1, this. uiDialog. css(z-index, e. ui. dialog. maxZ), this. element. attr(i), this. _trigger(focus, n), this)}, open: function(){if(this. _isOpen)return; var t, n=this. options, r=this. uiDialog; return this. _size(), this. _position(n. position), r. show(n. show), this. overlay=n. modal? new e. ui. dialog. overlay(this): null, this. moveToTop(! 0), t=this. element. find(: tabbable), t. length||(t=this. uiDialogButtonPane. find(: tabbable), t. length||(t=r)), t. eq(0). focus(), this. _isOpen=! 0, this. _trigger(open), this}, _createButtons: function(t){var n=this, r=! 1; this. uiDialogButtonPane. remove(), this. uiButtonSet. empty(), typeof t==object&&t! ==null&&e. each(t, function(){return! (r=! 0)}), r? 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ESCAPE&&(t. close(r), r. preventDefault())}), n. appendTo(document. body). css({width: this. width(), height: this. height()}), e. fn. bgiframe&&n. bgiframe(), this. instances. push(n), n}, destroy: function(t){var n=e. inArray(t, this. instances), r=0; n! ==-1&&this. oldInstances. push(this. instances. splice(n, 1)[0]), this. instances. length===0&&e([document, window]). unbind(. dialog-overlay), t. height(0). width(0). remove(), e. each(this. instances, function(){r=Math. max(r, this. css(z-index))}), this. maxZ=r}, height: function(){var t, n; return e. ui. ie? (t=Math. max(document. documentElement. scrollHeight, document. body. scrollHeight), n=Math. max(document. documentElement. offsetHeight, document. body. offsetHeight), t). appendTo(this. element), this. oldValue=this. _value(), this. _refreshValue()}, _destroy: function(){this. element. removeClass(ui-progressbar ui-widget ui-widget-content ui-corner-all). removeAttr(role). removeAttr(aria-valuemin). removeAttr(aria-valuemax). removeAttr(aria-valuenow), this. valueDiv. remove()}, value: function(e){return e===t? this. _value(): (this. _setOption(value, e), this)}, _setOption: function(e, t){e===value&&(this. options. value=t, this. _refreshValue(), this. _value()===this. options. max&&this. _trigger(complete)), this. _super(e, t)}, _value: function(){var e=this. options. value; return typeof e! =number&&(e=0), Math. min(this. options. max, Math. max(this. min, e))}, _percentage: function(){return 100*this. _value()/this. options. max}, _refreshValue: function(){var e=this. value(), t=this. _percentage(); this. oldValue! ==e&&(this. oldValue=e, this. _trigger(change)), this. valueDiv. toggle(e>this. min). toggleClass(ui-corner-right, e===this. options. max). width(t. toFixed(0)+%), this. element. attr(aria-valuenow, e)}})})(jQuery);

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62 0

/*! jQuery UI — v1. 9. 2 — 2012-11-23


* Includes: jquery. ui. effect. js

* Copyright 2012 jQuery Foundation and other contributors; Licensed MIT */

jQuery. effects||function(e, t){var n=e. uiBackCompat! ==! 1, r=


; e. effects={effect: {}}, function(t, n){function p(e, t, n){var r=a[t. type]||{}; return e==null? n||! t. def? null: t. def: (e=r. floor? ~~e: parseFloat(e), isNaN(e)? t. def: r. mod? (e+r. mod)%r. mod: 0>e? 0: r. max

)[0], c, h=t. each; l. style. cssText=

background-color: rgba(1, 1, 1,. 5)

, f. rgba=l. style. backgroundColor. indexOf(


)>-1, h(u, function(e, t){t. cache=


+e, t. props. alpha={idx: 3, type:


, def: 1}}), o. fn=t. extend(o. prototype, {parse: function(r, i, s, a){if(r===n)return this. _rgba=[null, null, null, null], this; if(r. jquery||r. nodeType)r=t(r). css(i), i=n; var f=this, l=t. type(r), v=this. _rgba=[]; i! ==n&&(r=[r, i, s, a], l=


); if(l===


)return this. parse(d(r)||c. _default); if(l===


)return h(u. rgba. props, function(e, t){v[t. idx]=p(r[t. idx], t)}), this; if(l===


)return r instanceof o? h(u, function(e, t){r[t. cache]&&(f[t. cache]=r[t. cache]. slice())}): h(u, function(t, n){var i=n. cache; h(n. props, function(e, t){if(! f[i]&&n. to){if(e===


||r[e]==null)return; f[i]=n. to(f. _rgba)}f[i][t. idx]=p(r[e], t,! 0)}), f[i]&&e. inArray(null, f[i]. slice(0, 3))u. mod/2? s+=u. mod: s-o>u. mod/2&&(s-=u. mod)), l[i]=p((o-s)*t+s, r))}), this[r](l)}, blend: function(e){if(this. _rgba[3]===1)return this; var n=this. _rgba. slice(), r=n. pop(), i=o(e). _rgba; return o(t. map(n, function(e, t){return(1-r)*i[t]+r*e}))}, toRgbaString: function(){var e=


, n=t. map(this. _rgba, function(e, t){return e==null? t>2? 1: 0: e}); return n[3]===1&&(n. pop(), e=


), e+n. join()+


}, toHslaString: function(){var e=


, n=t. map(this. hsla(), function(e, t){return e==null&&(e=t>2? 1: 0), t&&t


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